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**I need help**

Hey guys,

 I have been completely consumed with studying for my finals these last couple weeks and I will be finished this week. I want to start filming daily videos for YouTube until I get a good amount of subscribers.The problem is I can’t think of anything to film.I will for sure be doing a video on what hair care I use on my daughter’s hair because she is mixed and has curly hair.Other than that, I cant think of anything else.I would love for yall to comment and tell me what type of content you would like to see from me. 

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8 thoughts on “**I need help**

  1. I would say apart from cosmetics you can try vedios on apocalypse (most of them like it), start English teaching class or any other languages that you know of, teach any other topics (craft, fashion design, photography..) that you know of, if your daughter is below 5 yo then use her talents as baby stuffs are a hit. Baby clothing or baby styles…now that i have given you enough to think call your shots! God bless

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  2. I enjoy watching dupe videos, diys, reviews on new products, hair tutorials is a big one because there are so many makeup videos out there all all social media platforms but being able to watch video on how to do a certain updo or curl is always useful. You could also do a video on snacks and meal prep you do for your child. A lot of the times it can inspire others to get creative with their snacks and keep it interesting for the kids. You honestly gotta just browse the web or maybe your favorite store and see what intrigues you and go from there. If your really into Diys go that route or cosmetics same thing. It will come to you , good luck dear

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    1. Im going to do slowcooker meal prep for the month towards the end of the week so I’m glad you said that I will definitely do a video on that, as well as diys,and for sure more hair Tutorials to come.Thanks for all the great ideas. 🙂

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  3. I reccomend not filming until you have an idea. If you follow someone’s else’s idea it may not satisfy you! There’s no rush to film and stick to a schedule it’s normal to go through a period of not knowing what to do but there’s also periods where you have 1000s of ideas! Don’t stress and don’t try to force it ideas will come naturally and when they do they will be the best thing you can possibly make!

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  4. i would make videos over topics you cover in school (since youre taking finals im guessing you are majoring in something in college). Promote and utilize your expertise. I think it would provide more value. Anyone can show everyday things, but providing actual useful content with a background in something you are actually studying (and will eventually master) will help inform people, show your journey to becoming a better master in your craft, and can vlog your daily life ontop of it for daily content (versus just vlogging everyday like some do).


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